Capturing a moment in time

Evening Glow on 5th Street 30x30

Evening Glow on 5th Street 30x30"

Blue Umbrella 30x20

Blue Umbrella 30x20"

Wait! 36x12

Wait! 36x12

Vertical Mood 24x8

Vertical Mood 24x8"

Night Time Encounter 18x18

Night Time Encounter 18x18"

The Strip 36x12

The Strip 36x12"

Cyclomania 12x36

Cyclomania 12x36" SOLD

Alleyway of Arches 18x36

Alleyway of Arches 18x36"

Going Home 14x11 on wood

Going Home 14x11 on wood

Grand Central Market 30x24

Grand Central Market 30x24"

Planters Seed & Spices Co. 30x15

Planters Seed & Spices Co. 30x15" SOLD

Late Night Coffee 15x30

Late Night Coffee 15x30" SOLD

Glistening Alley 36x24

Glistening Alley 36x24"

All Aboard ! 24x36

All Aboard ! 24x36"

Gondolier 24x24

Gondolier 24x24"

The Farm 20x20

The Farm 20x20"

Stationary 20x30

Stationary 20x30"

Bike Squad 19x28

Bike Squad 19x28" SOLD

Afternoon in Slow Motion 24x24

Afternoon in Slow Motion 24x24" SOLD

Quiet Reflections 30x24

Quiet Reflections 30x24" SOLD

Skyscrapers 20x10

Skyscrapers 20x10" SOLD

Refueling 18x24

Refueling 18x24" SOLD

Side by Side 18x24

Side by Side 18x24" SOLD

Graniterock 20x30

Graniterock 20x30" SOLD

Bus 49, Seattle 12x24

Bus 49, Seattle 12x24" SOLD

Bicycle in Paris 20x16

Bicycle in Paris 20x16" SOLD

The Norton Simon Museum 24x20

The Norton Simon Museum 24x20" SOLD

Back Alley 20x10

Back Alley 20x10" SOLD

The Girl in the Flower Shop 22x28

The Girl in the Flower Shop 22x28" SOLD

Morning Light in Union Station 30x24

Morning Light in Union Station 30x24" SOLD

Before the Rush 28x22

Before the Rush 28x22" SOLD

Bartender, Durango 24x20

Bartender, Durango 24x20" SOLD

Gameworks 36x24

Gameworks 36x24" SOLD

Passage 28x22

Passage 28x22" SOLD

Bicycle Hideaway 20x20

Bicycle Hideaway 20x20" SOLD

Back Alley II 24x18

Back Alley II 24x18" SOLD

Taos Pueblo 16x20

Taos Pueblo 16x20" SOLD

Contemplation 14x14

Contemplation 14x14" SOLD